Who are we?

FACE is the acronym for “Functional And Cosmetic Excellence” and stands for a whole treatment philosophy in orthodontics. Based on an extensive clinical and research experience, the FACE philosophy gives the orthodontists all the necessary principles and train them with all necessary tools that help in providing the best services for the patients.

Straightening teeth is not ensuring in most of the cases desirable face aesthetics. In fact orthodontics is not be restricted only to aligning teeth in the dental arcades, it may provide significant changes into the face of the patient but also can trigger undesirable changes into the patient masticatory system. Therefore, in the FACE philosophy we start every case with an extensive diagnosis of the patient:

  • Oral health;
  • Periodontal health;
  • TMJ health;
  • occlusion analysis using semi-adjustable articulator mounting;
  • Imaging study on panoRX, lateral cephalometric image and 3D images provided by CBCT;
  • Skeletal study at the neck and head level using frontal head XRay images;

Following the diagnosis stage, a treatment plan is provided taking into account the 4 main principles of the FACE philosophy:

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Working based on the FACE philosophy may increase the volume of time and work dedicated to each patient but on the reverse it brings a priceless advantage: best treatment to the patient. Another extremely important issue is that guided by the FACE principles and orthodontist knows the limits of the treatment he can provide for each case